Ricotta Nuraghina

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Our ricotta are low fat cheeses made from sheep milk whey.

Ricotta Nuraghina is a sheep’s milk ricotta, lightly salted with a milky aftertaste.

Stark white in colour, the cheese has a creamy mouthfeel but a firm texture. It is shaped like and named after ancient stone structures called nuraghe, which are an important part of Sardinian history.  

With aging, this ricotta becomes firmer and has a stronger, more savoury flavour. It can also be grated, to flavour pasta and soups with vegetables, basil, guanciale or thick tomato sauce. It is also very good in the preparation of baking recipes, like savoury quiches and tarts. 

Milk Pasteurised sheep milk and whey
Maturity Aged 4 weeks 
Rennet None
Average Weight 1.2 Kg


Ingredients: sheep milk, whey, salt.