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Miele Millefiori - Wildflower Honey

Miele Millefiori - Wildflower Honey

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With over 200 species of nectar producing plants from both natural landscape and pastoral agriculture, Sardinia has produced honey since the Roman times. Honey is the main ingredient of Sardinian “Torrone” or Nougat. The signature honeys produced from the characteristic plants of the island are the famous “Miele Amaro” – Bitter honey, from the Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), Asphodel (Asphodelus microcarpus) and Thistle (Galactites tomentosa). The imported eucalyptus plant also produce an excellent honey.

Miele Millefiori 200gr - Wildflower or Mediterranean Shrub Honey
This is a Wildflower Honey produced from Mediterranean bushes in the mountainous areas of Sardinia. The flavour changes from year to year depending on the prevalence of the plants in the field like asphodel, rockrose, thistles, heather, lavender, rosemary and more; keeping a peculiar, intense aroma, typical of the Sardinian bushes. This wide range of pollen gives an extra nutritional value to this honey, with a very high content of antioxidants, fructose, vitamins and mineral salts, traces of protein and enzymes. It is an energetic, restorative, detoxifying food.

This honey is rich in flavour; fruity and sweet, with aromatic notes. Excellent paired with cheese.

All our honeys are raw and unpasteurised.