Sardinian Feta Cheese
Sardinian Feta Cheese

Sardinian Feta Cheese

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'Bianco di Thiesi' is a traditional Greek cheese made in Northern Sardinia, using local Sardinian sheep milk, lamb rennet and the addition of sheep yoghurt for the fermentation process. During production, the feta is washed and re-washed, salted in brine, cut in small wedges and placed in beech wood barrels to rest.

This process gives the cheese a firm crumbly texture and delicate salted flavour with a sharp finish. Incredibly versatile and works well in salads, served with lightly toasted bread and extra virgin olive oil, baked with tomatoes or in numerous vegetarian recipes. 

The story of Sardinian Feta originates during the Second World War, when many Greek cheesemakers fled to Sardinia, bringing the recipe with them. Christo Berdebes from the Greek isle of Kefalonia moved to Sardinia in 1958 and started making feta cheese with the Fadda Family.