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A Family Affair

A field of chilli peppers in Turri, Sardinia

Our herb and spice producers epitomise what it is to be a 'family business'. Working together across three generations, the two sons, one daughter and mother are overseen by Nonna, the grandmother and to this day director of the company.

The Itria – Picchedda family are leaders in the production of saffron in Italy, and occupy a prominent place in the production of other organic Sardinian spices including oregano, chilli pepper, and myrtle as well. They started their current business in 1995 having grown saffron for at least four generations before that, with saffron bulbs passed down from generation to generation.

A close-knit and harmonious family, they are based in Turri, a small town in Southern Sardinia famous for the best saffron bulbs (crocus sativus) and the ancient cultivation of saffron. The region is one of only three municipalities of Sardinia that cultivates the famous DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) Saffron of Sardinia. 

All of their herbs and spices are cultivated outside in large fields, in the Mediterranean climate under the Sardinian sunshine and without the use of any pesticides or treatments. Harvesting is done by hand, and the products are slow dried at a low temperature in order to retain all nutrients, flavours and fragrance.

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Above: chilli plants, myrtle berries and jars of saffron threads.

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