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Limited stock on Sardinian specialties!

We currently have a limited run of stock on some very unique Sardinian products that offer an exciting new addition to your pantry.


Sardinian spiny artichokes are incredibly fragrant, with a pleasant balance of bitter and sweet flavours - unlike any other variety of artichoke - with a texture that is tender but satisfyingly meaty and crunchy.

Our Sardinian artichokes are naturally preserved in a blend of organic sunflower and 100% Italian olive oils, with no preservatives, and is lightly seasoned with lemon and sea salt, so the fragrant flavour of the artichoke shines through; their crisp, well rounded flavour makes them incredibly versatile for use in a variety of dishes.

Sardinian preserved artichokes


We also have a short run of unpastuerised strawberry tree honey, with a unique flavour profile that brings fruity, sweet honey flavour alongside a deeply bitter note.

This particularly Sardinian flavour of honey adds an interesting note to many dishes, and is traditionally paired with cheeses and pane carasau, drizzled over fresh and crisp fruits, and desserts such as seadas, a Sardinian deep-fried semolina dumpling filled with sourced pecorino cheese and lemon zest.

Sardinian strawberry tree bitter honey


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