Linguini with sea urchin & bottarga

Linguini with sea urchin & bottarga

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Linguine ai ricci e bottarga
Linguini with sea urchin & bottarga

• 300g of linguini or spaghetti long shape pasta,
• Extra virgin olive oil, Fruttato Medio - @accademiaolearia
• Grey mullet roe - whole bottarga, 60-70g
• Sea urchin roe, 70-100 gr
• Salt, garlic – 1 cloves, fresh parsley, black pepper

1. Briefly brown the garlic in a frying pan and remove it from the pan.
2. Add finely chopped parsley (try to do a better job than the picture!) and a generous teaspoon of bottarga and leave it over heat for few seconds
3. Cook the pasta in boiling water for 8 minutes adding sea salt for a few minutes until you see a white foam form. Pour the starch of the pasta into the frying pan a little at a time, to the bottarga sauce whilst stirring it. The starch contained in the cooking water will transform the sauce into a soft and velvety sauce.
4. Drain the pasta and add it to the frying pan along with the sea urchin and more chopped parsley. Stir and combine.
5. Grate more bottarga and add fresh parsley and ground black pepper on top and serve immediately on a warm plate.

Enjoy it!

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