Sardinian pop-up menu and Cheese & Wine evening

Sardinian pop-up menu and Cheese & Wine evening

We are very excited for our Sardinian pop-up at Craving Coffee just around the corner!

Below is our finalised menu, full of both tantalising flavour combinations and Sardinian specialties. We still have a few spots available to book, and walk-ins are welcome. We hope to see you there! 




Also, we're really happy about our upcoming collaboration with Festa sul Prato in Deptford - on the 4th July we will be offering a selection of our Sardinian cheeses, salamis, cured meats and pane carasau, matched with two white and two red wines from Ellis Wine!

It will be feast of Italian summer tastes and flavours. We will welcome you with a glass of Prosecco from 6.30 pm in the park!

The food and wine tasting will be £25 per person. Please make a reservation by contacting:

M: 07814 829 912

Festa sul Prato is located on the corner of Trundleys Road and Rolt Street, Folkestone Gardens, London SE8 5JE.

Come & Feel the summer vibe with a sip!  

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