Picnic Special Offer: 20% off Smoked Sausage, Terrine, Pre-sliced Mustela, Ovinforth, Semi-matured Pecorino, Spreadable Pecorino, Spreadable Crablu. 12-25 May.

Upcoming Pop-ups & 🎄 Markets this Autumn & Winter at Capo Caccia

We thought that you were craving for more news from us - here are our upcoming pop-ups for November 2019:

Join us for a Sardinian & Bavarian inspired Sunday lunch/dinner menu provided by chef Paolo del Pizzo

And here are our upcoming Christmas Markets:

Hope to see you at one of our events! Remember, you can always visit us, every Friday, at our Unit 10 in East Dulwich, SE22 9NA from 10am to 4pm!