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Visit Sardinia! Sapori & Saperi 2022 Small Group Tours

Food-focused small group tours of Sardinia are back this year! Our partners at Sapori & Saperi will be guiding two small (less than 10 people) group tours in April-May and October this year.  

Get a taste for one of their tours below and check out their website for more information and to sign up.


The guests on our inaugural Giants of Sardinia tour excelled themselves with a little help from our stellar food producers.

They scampered to the top of the megalithic nuraghe Barumini.
View from the tower
They picked and brined olives with Davide Orro and his mother Angelica.
Picking olives was child’s play.
The labels designed by Davide’s sister Maura made our jars look professional.
They manipulated with dexterity the dough for Oristano wedding bread with Davide’s sister Ester.
Ester made it look easy.
And it was after a few sips of vernaccia di Oristano.
It was no problem at all tasting the rest of Davide’s superb wines with seductive labels designed by his other sister Maura.
Correct preparation for a tasting lunch
They learned the proper way to make Italian risotto with Marcello Stara’s rice under the tutelage of his friend Rossella.
Risotto should be creamy and the grains of rice firm but not crunchy.
With butcher Paolo Lilliu they overcame the difficulties of stuffing Sardinian sausages…
…and ate them barbecued for lunch.
Even if their Casizolu, a Slow Food caciocavallo-type cheese, wasn’t quite perfect, it was lots of fun modelling the curd.
If you weren’t careful, you could end up with a cheese with a giraffe-length neck.
It seemed that making stuffed pasta culurgiones was going to defeat them, but practice makes perfect and success was theirs in the end.
Before (left) and after (right)
I’m glad we didn’t have to do battle with the Bronze Age nuragic giants at Cabras.
Fearsome warriors from 900 BCE
But I bet our guests would have succeeded in making a peace treaty, and the giants would have joined us for a blow-out feast at our agriturismo L’Orto!
Every meal was a feast at Agriturismo L’Orto.
Come on one of our small group tours so you too can glow with achievement and join our guests’ hall of fame. Choose your tour now:

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