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This month we've introduced a new shape of pasta, new flavour of Sardinian snack, and an updated range of honey!

Conchiglie, or 'shells', are ubiquitous in Sardinia though not a pasta shape exclusive to the island. The curved seashell shape makes it ideal for holding sauces of any type, in particular ragu', which in Sardinia is often made with wild boar or 'cinghiale'.

As with all our pastas, our 'conchiglie' is produced in small batches and made only with special and selected flours which are all strictly organic both in the ingredients and in the processing.

The perfect snack, our 80g packs of Pane Guttiau are now available in two flavours - classic salted and with onion. Guttiau is the traditional Sardinian carasau bread with added flare. The flat bread is baked once, then generously seasoned with Sardinian sea salt and fried in sunflower oil. Lighter and healthier than potato-based crisps, pane guttiau is a perfect mix of traditional flavours with a modern twist.

Our range of raw and unpasteurised honey now includes 'Miele di Millefiori' or wildflower honey, known for its high content of antioxidants & vitamins from the wide range of pollen. 

Always keep an eye on our social media for more new product announcements!

New Sardinian honey

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