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Official Launch of Wine, Beer & Spirit Range

Capo Caccia is thrilled to announce that for the first time in our nearly 10 year history, we are now supplying a hand-picked selection of incredible Sardinian natural wines, the quintessential Sardinian beer, and spirits - London Dry Gin infused with Sardinian myrtle berries - available for purchase on our online shop. 

On offer we have four wines from Tenute Dettori Wines of Northern Sardinia, who use old style artisanal methods, adhering to the 'Triple A' movement: Agricoltori, Artigian, Artisti or 'Farmers, Artisans, Artists', plus a sweet Malvasia di Bosa, Alvaréga, from the top producer Giovanni Battista Columbu.

We also have English-distilled and Sardinian myrtle berry-infused gin from independently run Sea Ridge Distillery in high or low strength - or High or Low 'Tide' - and the classic Sardinian beer, Ichnusa, synonymous around the world with summertime on the island. 

Dettori Wines are known for producing natural wines from single varieties – they do not practice blending and will only produce varieties that are native or considered historically important to the island of Sardinia. Moreover, they do not agree with the DOC system which classifies Sardinia as a single region, and instead produce all wines under the Romangia IGT designation, which denotes a smaller and much more restricted denomination between Porto Torres and Castelsardo facing the Gulf of Asinara.

Romangia lies on the North Sardinian coast, within the region 'Logudoro' which in the Sardo language means golden place, and is considered to be Sardinia’s most fertile area. Here the grapes achieve exceptional ripeness and complexity and go to produce deep and desirable red and white wines.

Check out our brand new full range here, all available for purchase from our online shop.

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