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Passion for Olive Oil

Accademia Olearia, the producers of Capo Caccia’s range of Sardinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are the top olive oil producer in Sardinia and rank among the Top 20 in the world. We recently went to visit them and couldn't have been more impressed with their professionalism, ethos, and the welcome they gave us. We spoke to them about the new batch of olive oil ready in January, their new products and even a future collaboration in London! 

A multi-generational family business, the company was founded and continues to be run by the Fois family. Following in the footsteps of their parents, one son oversees production and another exportation and sales. Olive Oil is Accademia Olearia’s true passion and it comes through in the quality of their products.

As producers, they take a hands-on approach and look after every single aspect of production, from harvesting and pressing the olives to trimming the trees post-harvest, and additional year-round care for their groves of olive trees. They even built their own machine to press and make the oil in order to ensure the process is as safe for the oil as possible and the finished product is always of an extremely high quality. Their method of pressing olives is a short process which takes place at a low temperature to avoid rancidity and over-exposure of air to the oil.

Accademia Olearia also happen to be from Capo Caccia’s hometown of Alghero. In the words of Accademia Olearia: “the olive tree, a sign of strength and beauty, represents our territory in an exemplary way. Alghero, in the north-west of Sardinia, is a territory with a unique natural and scenic beauty. Oil has always been the protagonist of these places for thousands of years. Here our olive groves benefit from the marine climate and clean air to grow and give excellent fruit. It is this origin that makes the difference, to give a unique character and taste to our products.”

Accademia Olearia are focused on sustainability too - they repurpose all discarded olive pits and leaves to make natural bio-fuel for their company and sell the excess or use it to produce heating pellets. Next year, they plan to switch to a fully electric vehicle for deliveries. Solar panels already cover their premises in order to supply them with solar energy.

Shortly we will be adding two of their non-olive oil products to our online shop as well: Sardinian artichokes in extra virgin olive oil, and Bosana olives in brine. Keep an eye out for an announcement our social media when these products are in stock.

We are pleased to say that Accademia Olearia are expanding and recently purchased 34 additional hectares in order to expand their oil production. In the shorter term, the new batch of oil is already in production and we will be taking pre-orders of the 5L tins (always very popular) very soon. 

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  • Excellent news about the olive oil and also about the Bosana Olives…..I cannot wait to try them 🫒😋

    Mike Hughes

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