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Summer is for.. Seafood! ūüźü

As we march in to August this weekend, Capo Caccia welcomes two tasty new products to our seafood collection: Tuna Bottarga and 'Polpa di Riccio' / Sea Urchin 55g.
A highly unique product, 'Polpa di Riccio' is in fact the sea urchin gonads, found inside the urchin. This organ stores nutrients and contains milt and roe during the spawning season in spring, giving it a sweet, delicate and musky taste. Sea urchin makes an ideal starter or can be used to dress a simple yet luxurious pasta with garlic, sea salt and fresh parsley.

We're pleased to now offer three sizes of sea urchin, all sold in glass jars: 40g, 55g (new!) and 110g. 

Bottarga is the salted, pressed and dried roe of grey mullet (muggine) or tuna (tonno). The mullet roe in particular is a specialty of Sardinia and is rare to find elsewhere. To make bottarga, the entire roe sac is salted and massaged by hand over several weeks to eliminate air pockets. The roe is then pressed using wooden planks and stone or marble weights and sun-dried for one to two months. The flavour of bottarga di muggine is finer and less intense than the bottarga di tonno - which is also commonly produced in Sardinia, particularly in the southern region of the island. 

Bottarga can be used to accompany vegetables, antipasti and side dishes, and to add a flourish of flavour to a variety of cuisines and dishes before serving. The product weights you find in our shop are for whole bottarga, with larger sizes more flavourful, moist and with a smoother mouthfeel. The brand new bottarga di tonno has an average weight of 200g. 

Tuna Bottarga of Sardinia
As a special treat - perhaps a good occasion to try something you never have before? - Capo Caccia is offering 20% off our¬†full range of seafood in AugustÔĽŅ,¬†including all sizes of Sea Urchin, all types of Bottarga and Squid Ink, as well as Sardinia's favourite flatbread, Pane Carasau (800g). Offer valid 1-15 August.¬†

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