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Casu Sardu

Casu Sardu

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Casu Sardu is a semi-cooked cheese made from thermised sheep and goat’s milk of Monte Linas, Sardinia.

The area of Monte Linas is an important place in Sardinia for goat rearing, as it is by allowing goats to graze on the typical Mediterranean shrubs that grow there that the milk produced has its particular aroma and flavour.

The aroma is reminiscent of the herbs of the Mediterranean, with strong flavour that develops a piquant ending with age. A compact, hard texture and a woody sweet smell with a good balance between fruity and salty moreish flavour.


Thermised (low-heat) goat and sheep milk




Aged 120+ days 

Average Weight  3.2Kg


Ingredients: sheep and goat milk, rennet, salt.