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Crema di Formaggio

Crema di Formaggio

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1 - Crema di Pecorino Classica (Pecorino spread) 

This spreadable sheep's milk cheese is made from a selection of the best Sardinian pecorino cheeses, resulting in a dense yet creamy product with a delicate, strong flavour. It is particularly versatile, and can be used in many ways - as a delectable appetiser, in pasta sauces and as a topping to first courses, or simply spread on a slice of bread or a cracker for a snack at any time of day. Comes in a 200g jar. 

2- Crema di Formaggio Ovinforth (Ovinforth blue cheese spread)

Ovinforth is a Sardinian mixed milk blue cheese of pasteurised sheep and cow's milk, aged at least 60 days in a cave to mature its blue/brown veins after the addition of the same penicillium as French Roquefort. Its flavour is mellower and less salty than Roquefort; focused on the nutty, buttery and slightly sweet aftertaste, with the blue giving it strong flavour that is slightly piquant and aromatic. This cheese works wonderfully in its spreadable form, as it smooths out the strong notes and balances more evenly the bold flavours on the palate. Comes in a 200g jar.

Both products will be available for delivery from September 14th 2020. Now accepting pre-orders.