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Drunk Pecorino
Drunk Pecorino
Drunk Pecorino

Drunk Pecorino

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The drunk pecorino is a sheep's cheese made with unpasteurized organic milk. It is aged at least 3 months and it is refined with "vinacce", the grape skins left over from the production of Cannonau wine. This refining process gives the cheese its unique flavour and wine aroma, as well as giving softness to the paste even if aged for 3-5 months. 

Cannonau is a robust red wine produced in Sardinia. It is grown all over the region from Grenache grapes, and bursts with flavours of ripe cherries, spices and a hint of vanilla.  


Unpasteurised organic whole sheep's milk




Semi-mature, aged 60 - 90 days 

Average Weight 2.8 Kg