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Salted and Smoked Ricotta

Salted and Smoked Ricotta

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Our ricotta are low fat cheeses made from cow and sheep milk whey.

Ricotta Mustia is salted and lightly smoked with sardinian herbs, it spends five or six hours in the smoking room where a fire of aromatic herbs are burned. It has an amber colour, a soft, delicately pressed firm texture and a slightly smoky piquant taste with a milky and creamy mouthfeel.

It's an excellent table ricotta as a main ingredient in cooking, grated on pasta and soups. Ricotta Mustia is produced all over Sardinia, in particular in the area of Sassari.

Milk Pasteurised cow and sheep's milk and whey
Maturity Aged 15-20 days 
Rennet None
Average Weight 2.2 Kg