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Chilli flavoured extra virgin olive oil

Chilli flavoured extra virgin olive oil

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The chili extra virgin olive oil is the result of the most renowned peppers and Accademia Olearia best oil balanced together with a strong and intense flavour that enhances the most intense dishes. Spicy on the nose, at palate is intense, spicy, slightly bitter and soft.

The olives are harvested using semi-mechanical methods so not to damage the trees and allow the olives to be picked at their right stage of ripeness.
The olives are hand-picked and selected in the countryside and taken to the milling plant during the day and no later than 10/12 hours after harvesting.
The milling takes place with a specific cold process that preserves the organoleptic qualities of the olives and enhances their flavour.

Our Chilli Flavoured extra virgin olive oil is obtained by pressing the Bosana cultivar, cultivated in accordance with organic farming principles.

175 ml