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18-24m Aged Pecorino Cheese. Hard cooked cheese made from sheep's milk obtained from flocks raised on the green hills of the Anglona area in Sardinia. It is similar to aged cow's milk cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano.

It reaches the optimum characteristics for consumption as a table cheese after maturing for 18 months. As it matures, it becomes more flavoursome and compact, and can be used as an excellent grating cheese. It has a smooth rind that is golden yellow on the young cheese, and brown on the more mature cheese.

Inside, the cheese is white-straw yellow in colour, with a few compact holes. The texture is elastic when the cheese is young, with a nutty aroma, delicately tangy, soluble and with an overall harmonious effect. The mature cheese has a firmer and slightly grainy texture, and has more pronounced flavours with an intense and lingering aroma.

Milk Pasteurised partially skimmed sheep's milk
Rennet Calf
Maturity Aged 18-24 months.
 Average Weight  1.5 Kg

Ingredients: Sheep's milk, rennet and salt.