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Ichnusa Non Filtrata (33cl)
Ichnusa Non Filtrata (33cl)

Ichnusa Non Filtrata (33cl)

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'Ichnusa' is the most famous of Sardinian beers and is produced in the south of the island near the capital Cagliari. This beer is named for the ancient Latin word for Sardinia, 'Hyknusa'.

Ichnusa is a bottom fermented beer made with 100% pure barley malt. The recipe uses light barley malt and caramelised barley malt, a blend that gives Ichnusa a round taste with herbaceous notes of yellow fruit and apricot.

'Ichnusa Non Filtrata' is the unfiltered version of Ichnusa, with a fuller body and balanced mouthfeel, and more cloudy than the filtered version. 

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