Malvasia di Colombu Alvaréga

Malvasia di Colombu Alvaréga

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D.O.C. Malvasia di Bosa
15% ABV

This is a delicately sweet and fresh, warm and full wine produced by Giovanni Battista Columbu using Sardinian malvasia grapes. 

The fruity notes of the wine are long and pleasant to taste, as such 'rediscovered' - an olfactory sensation that gives the wine qualities of elegance, harmony and balance. Gastronomically, it is an excellent wine to serve with dry pastries and slightly spicy cheeses, including blue cheeses.

Malvasia di Bosa is the name of an Italian wine - and denomination of origin - made with the Malvasia di Sardegna grape (95% minimum) grown in the countryside of the townships of Bosa, Magomadas, Flussio, Suni, Tinnura, Modolo and Tresnuraghes, all in the province of Oristano on the western coast of central Sardinia. Rare and unique, Malvasia di Bosa is an oxidative-style wine, like Sherry, but from Sardinia.

Malvasia di Bosa is made in different styles, with the Alvaréga being 'Amabile' or 'Dolce', which means off-dry and sweet respectively.

Giovanni Battista Columbu is the top producer of Malvasia di Bosa. It was thanks to the efforts of Colombu and their ability to involve other local growers and winemakers tha the Malvasia di Bosa DOC was created in 1972.

One notable characteristic of the Malvasia wine is how remarkably well it ages. This style of wine actually improves over time in truly noteworthy fashion, with older vintages notably more complex and interesting. 

50cl bottle.