Aged Pecorino Sardo

Aged Pecorino Sardo

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Our Pecorino Sardo is made with organic unpasteurised raw whole milk from Pattada, Northen Sardinia. It is aged from 120 days to 12 months. The texture, which can be white or slightly straw-coloured, is hard and compact with sparse holes and an aromatic fruity taste. When long-seasoned, its colour tends to be dark brown with a sharp and pleasantly spicy taste. It's an excellent table cheese, and the mature variety is also very good for grating.

The aroma is typical of sheep's cheese with notes of wool, dry wood and aromatic herbs. On the palate it's buttery with good notes of toasted hazelnuts.


Unpasteurised Organic whole sheep's milk




Mature, aged 120 - 360 days

Average Weight 2.4 Kg

Ingredients: sheep milk, rennet and salt