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Organic Conchiglie

Organic Conchiglie

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Conchiglie, or "shells", are ubiquitous in Sardinia though not exclusive to the island. The curved seashell shape makes it ideal for holding sauces of any type, in particular ragu', which in Sardinia is often made with wild boar or 'cinghiale'. 

Our line of organic dry pasta is made only with special and selected flours like Kamut, Senatore Cappelli and Farro, and all strictly organic both in the ingredients and in the processing. This is to guarantee a better nutritional contribution and preserve the craftsmanship of the product.

Our producer selects all the ingredients directly on his locality, thus creating a short supply chain, starting from the ingredients and through their processing guarantees the final consumer an ethical approach to work and respect for the environment.

Contain gluten