Organic Peretta

Organic Peretta

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Peretta is a spun, soft, compact cow’s milk cheese with milk from animals raised in free stabling. It is typically pear-shaped and has a golden, glossy, thin and smooth pale yellow rind. The straw-coloured internal cheese is elastic and uniform with a sweet and delicate buttery flavour and lactic aroma.

Our Peretta comes from Pattada where the mountain pastures are rich in vitamins and beta carotene and all those enriching healthy ingredients are absorbed within the milk made by their free range cows.

It can be eat fresh or roasted, accompanied with vegetables, seasoned with honey or melted in a warm soup like Zuppa Gallurese, a thick bread soup. 

Milk Raw, unpasteurised whole cow's milk
Maturity Aged 30 days 
Rennet Calf
Average Weight 1.0 Kg

Ingredients: cow's milk, rennet salt.