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Ovinforth is a Sardinian mixed milk blue cheese of pasteurised sheep and cow's milk from Thiesi, North Sardinia.

After 30 days of ageing, the same penicillium of French Roquefort is added to the cheese, after which the cheese is seasoned at least 60 days in a cave to mature its blue/brown veins.

Ovinforth is mellower and less salty than the Roquefort that inspired it. It is rindless, with a firm creamy texture. It is nutty, buttery and slightly sweet in aftertaste, with the blue giving it strong flavour that is slightly piquant and aromatic. 

We also offer alternate versions of Ovinforth with pistachio and "Drunk" Ovinforth with Red Wine

Milk Pasteurised sheep and cow's milk
Maturity Aged at least 60 days in a cave environment
Rennet Lamb
Average Weight 2.2 Kg

Ingredients: sheep milk, cow milk, rennet, salt.