Salsiccia Sarda | Sardinian cured sausage | Italian salami

Salsiccia Sarda
Salsiccia Sarda

Salsiccia Sarda

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All our meat products are gluten and lactose free.

Our producer is located few kilometers away from “Altopiano della Giara” and is rooted in a strong family tradition. For over 50 years Paolo and his brothers have been making salami and sausages with ancient local recipes, which they have jealously guarded. The company, which is still a small family business even today, sells its artisan products in the local butcher in his old town.

Sardinia has a great salami making tradition and cured sausages are considered the ultimate Sardinian cured meat product. Our delicious range of cured sausage, made from fresh, firm and top quality pork meat is a quintessential Sardinian salami.

The sausage are made from coarsely ground pork shoulder and belly, flavoured with salt, pepper, and garlic, then stuffed into into natural gut casing formed into a horseshoe shape. They are then drained and cured at least 3 weeks. Each salsiccia sarda weighs 300-400 grams on average.

The soft, distinctive U-shaped, course grind salami is available in four different flavours:

  • "Salsiccia Sarda Tradizionale", the traditional Sardinian sausage. Gently spiced with black pepper, it is distinct and rich in flavour. Perfectly suited on a platter of antipasti, alongside Pecorino Sardo, or as a nibble with red or sparkling white wine. Aged 1 month.
  • "Salsiccia Sarda al Mirto", made with local myrtle leaves. The leaves are dried naturally and mixed to the ground meat in the making process, the moist from the meat and fat release all the myrtle flavour. It's a very herby aromatic salami with a lovely myrtle smell.
  • "Salsiccia Sarda al Finocchietto Selvatico", made with local fennel seed from Marmilla. It has a delicate well balance fennel flavour that match perfectly with the meat flavour.
  • "Salsiccia Sarda Piccante", made with sun-dried chili made into powder and mixed into the meat during the final stages of the sausage.

  • "Salsiccia Sarda Affumicata", smoked sausage - full of well-balanced strong smoky flavours accented by a slightly sweet aftertaste.

The Salsiccia Sarda is perfect with Carasau bread or Pecorino Sardo and the local Cannonau. It can also be enjoyed as an antipasto, on pizza or broken up in a pasta sauce.