Unpasteurised Raw Honey
Unpasteurised Raw Honey

Unpasteurised Raw Honey

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With over 200 species of nectar producing plants from both natural landscape and pastoral agriculture, Sardinia has produced honey since the Roman times. Honey is the main ingredient of Sardinian “Torrone” or Nougat. The signature honeys produced from the characteristic plants of the island are the famous “Miele Amaro” – Bitter honey, from the Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), Asphodel (Asphodelus microcarpus) and Thistle (Galactites tomentosa). The imported eucalyptus plant also produce an excellent honey.

Miele di cardo - Thistle Honey
Wild Thistles are very common plants in Sardinia. The honey has a medium intensity aroma which begins with a fruit, flora scent that becomes intense recalling the Mediterranean scents. The taste is medium sweet and slightly sour and bitter. It has an average persistence in the mouth. It crystallizes
spontaneously several months after harvest.

Miele di Eucalipto - Eucalyptus Honey
It is the most produced honey on the island and is also one of the most appreciated. It has an intense aroma, Its sweetness is less prominent than other honeys with a slightly salty aftertaste; the aroma remains constant, without variations in intensity and vaguely recalls that of licorice, toffee, and dried porcini mushrooms. high content of Vit C and Vit. B9 It has balsamic and anticatarrhal propertie, it's suseful against cough and ll inflammation

Miele di Corbezzolo - Strawberry tree honey

Unpasteurized strawberry tree honey with a unique flavour profile that brings fruity, sweet honey flavour alongside a deeply bitter note.

This particularly Sardinian flavour of honey adds an interesting note to many dishes, and is traditionally paired with cheese and pane carasau, drizzled over fresh and crisp fruits and desserts such as seadas, a Sardinian deep-fried semolina dumpling filled with sourced pecorino cheese and lemon zest.

Available in 250g jar.