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Miele di Eucalipto

Miele di Eucalipto

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Alberto  is one of our best producers. He is dedicated to honey and the well-being of bees for over 25 years. Although he has never applied for certification, he has always practiced organic beekeeping, in which essential oils are preferred to treatments against bee diseases, and in which no harmful products or products that could interfere with the properties of honey are used. The hives are in uncontaminated areas of Mediterranean scrub, and this helps to maintain the quality of the honey, as the certificates and analyzes confirm. He has received numerous awards and honors in prestigious events: in 2020, for the seventh consecutive year, he was awarded by the National Honey Observatory.

Miele di Eucalipto 250gr - Eucalyptus Honey
It is the most produced honey on the island and is also one of the most appreciated. It has an intense aroma, Its sweetness is less prominent than other honeys with a slightly salty aftertaste; the aroma remains constant, without variations in intensity and vaguely recalls that of liquorice, toffee, and dried porcini mushrooms. high content of Vit C and Vit B9 It has balsamic and anticatarrhal properties, it's useful against cough and inflammation. 

All our honeys are raw and unpasteurised.