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The Goat Cheese of Sardinia

Our goat cheeses are made by a small, family-run operation, consisting of two brothers and a sister. They use only milk from their own goats as well as other local goats in the area, ensuring they are able to maintain an extremely high level of quality and consistency in their cheeses.

In every way they are tied to Sardinia; to the land which grows the crops that feed the goats that make the milk that becomes the cheese. It’s these distinct characteristics of the earth and the climate of the island that give the goat cheeses themselves such a particular taste and smell.

Capo Caccia is pleased to offer as part of our range mixed mix sheep and goat cheeses, like Juncu and Juncu with Truffle, alongside typical cheeses produced by old recipes, including 2 year aged Crabu and fresh 20-day old Capra. These cheeses respect the pillars of true craftsmanship with the flavours and salient qualities of ‘real’ goat cheese always at the forefront. 

Goat cheese is versatile and can be used as an addition to salads, pasta dishes, sharing boards, or whatever strikes your fancy. There is no reason to limit their use to Sardinian dishes, and they would pair well with many meat-based casseroles and pies in the British style as well. 

Capo Caccia is proud to be the only importer to the UK of these goat cheeses representing a true ‘Taste of Sardinia’.



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