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Juncu is a semi-cooked cheese made from thermised sheep and goat’s milk of Monte Linas, Sardinia. 

The area of Monte Linas is an important place in Sardinia for goat rearing, allowing goats to graze on the typical Mediterranean shrubs that grow there. This results in the milk produced having a particular aroma and flavour.

The cheese wheel is made by being pressed into a “canestri” (wicker basket), which gives it its pattern on the rind, and is then aged for 90+ days. While aging, the rind is treated with olive oil giving it its dark brown rind. The aroma is reminiscent of the herbs of the mediterranean, much like Crabu but stronger in flavour, with a piquant ending.

Milk Thermised (low-heat) sheep and goat's milk 
Rennet Lamb
Maturity Aged over 90 days and continues to age with storage
 Average Weight   2.3 Kg

Ingredients: sheep and goat milk, rennet and salt.