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Recipe: Roasted Quinoa Salad with Pecorino Sardo

A healthy yet hearty vegetarian main meal, combining Sardinian flavours with a very different sort of carbohydrate, Quinoa.


Quinoa approx 400G
Vegetable stock approx 300ml
5 x Bay leaves
1 x Aubergine
4 x Tomatoes
200G Mushroom
2 x Peppers
Few cloves garlic
Handful parsley
2 x Spring onions
Cider vinegar qb
Fresh rosemary qb
Sun-dried tomatoes
1/2 Cucumber
Mint qb
Black pepper qb
Fresh ginger qb
Semi-matured Pecorino Sardo 200G 


1. Wash quinoa first and roast it in a pan for 5 minutes. When toasted, add water, stock, bay leaves and cook for 15-20 minutes until the liquid has been absorbed. Leave to cool down.
2. Oven cook the aubergine and tomatoes with olive oil and salt. Add the tomato half way to keep texture.
3. Cook mushrooms with parsley, garlic and spring onion for 10 minutes until tender and juicy.
4. Prep a sauce with olive oil, cider vinegar, fresh rosemary (chopped), chilli, cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes (pre- softened), fresh ginger and mint. 
5. Add the sauce to the quinoa and mix all together. Add the roasted aubergine and tomatoes and grate the semi-matured pecorino on top. Mix all together. Add the mushrooms and more shaved pecorino sardo and leave to rest for 15/20 minutes.
6. Enjoy with a glass of Renosu Bianco from our selection of Sardinian wines.

Cook time: 45 minutes
Serves: approx. 4 people 

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