Salame Dolce  "Dolce July" 10% discount

Salame Dolce "Dolce July" 10% discount

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‘Salame Dolce Sardegna’ is part of an ancient tradition in Sardinia, where shepherds carried a sweet flavoured salami in their day bag when leaving home before dawn to tend to livestock. By mid-morning, they would have a second breakfast in the field, combining this kind of salami with a slice of daily bread, a slice of seasoned cheese, and a sip of red wine. Even though this is an ancient custom, it is not uncommon for shepherds to have a second breakfast with these products to this day.

This is a coarse-grained salami, made with selected cuts of meat and a low percentage of fat, giving it a firm texture that slices neatly. The combination of Mediterranean herbs and spices is a top-secret recipe that gives this product a unique harmony of flavours, melding well with the sweeter flavour of the meat.