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How well do you know Capo Caccia's range of Sardinian cheese on offer? In addition to the traditional Sardinian sheep's milk cheeses - including Organic Pecorino Sardo of various ages, Fiore Sardo DOPGranglona (basically a sheep's milk parmigiano) and Ricotta - Capo Caccia also supplies a range of mixed milk, goat and blue cheeses as well. 
Crabu is a semi-cooked, hard aged goat’s milk cheese with uniform white to slightly straw colour. The aroma recalls the scents of the Mediterranean, and the flavour is strong yet balanced with aromatic ends.
Casu Sardu is a semi-cooked cheese made from thermised sheep and goat’s milk of Monte Linas, Sardinia. The aroma is reminiscent of the herbs of the Mediterranean with a strong flavour that develops a piquant ending as it ages.
Bluesard is a pasteurised cow’s milk cheese made with penicillium roqueforti. Stronger and saltier than our Ovinforth blue cheese, it has a firm and creamy texture.
Good news - it's Ricotta season and we'll shortly be welcoming some fresh Organic Sheep Ricotta & Organic Sheep Ricotta Smoked in Oak - keep an eye out!

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