Capo Caccia | Valentine's Day 2021 | Blog Post: Say It With Cheese

Say It With Cheese...

It may not be for everyone, but you can't deny - Valentine's Day is coming up very soon. Whether you're sharing it with your partner in love, in life, in living arrangements, or with yourself, there's no reason not to pick up some tasty treats to get those pleasure endorphins going. 

Might we recommend a few items that we know to have a proven success rate in this regard - if we may say so ourselves!

Our Cheese & Salami boxes and Gift Hampers make excellent gifts, and come in various sizes with varied components, letting you pick and choose based on personal tastes. Cheese & Salami boxes can also be shared for an intimate platter-style meal, or make an excellent pre- or post-meal cheese and meat board. Nibble thinly sliced sausages with flavours of fennel and nutmeg (see our Salame della Nonna) or creamy Blue Sard on delicate pieces of Pane Carasau - yum!

We also offer a pre-made full meal for our London based customers: our traditional Sardinian Lasagna, much less heavy than pasta-based lasagnas of other Italian regions as it's made with light and crispy pane carasau. It can be frozen in advance and cooked on the day for a quick and easy - yet unique and special - dinner. 

To make the choice an easier one, we've selected a few personally recommended products and are generously discounting them to 20% off between now and February 15th

Sardinian Lasagna - London customers only
Blue Sard
Pancetta (smoked or unsmoked - please add a note of your preference) 
Myrtle Berry Salamino
Casu Sardu
Crema di Formaggio Ovinforth & Crablu’

The discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 

What more can we say than keep those heads up and keep enjoying the little things! You can't buy happiness, but you can buy cheese. 

Pictured below: Grilled polenta, caramelized onions, organic pecorino, chives and pancetta

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